Rental Agreement

RENT-A-CAR OASIS, (hereinafter “Lessor”) rented service user (hereinafter “Lessee”), whose data were on the front page of the contract, the vehicle under the following conditions: First That the signature of the lease and thereby agrees to the terms of the contract: ◦ that price and other conditions specified in the applicable lease price accepted as an integral part of this contract; ◦ that is 22 years old and a valid driver’s license min. 2 years * The price includes VAT. ◦ to receive the vehicle in good condition, the new and the fuel tank and all necessary equipment and documents, and will also return to exactly the same shape; * Lost keys or vehicle documents will be charged 300 euros. ◦ that the car back within the period specified on the front or earlier at the request of the lessor, * that a car is delayed by half-time hour of the contract (30 min) is paid more per day tariffs that vehicle ◦ to the extension of the contract period of use of vehicles requires the consent of the lessor 24 hours before the deadline of returning the vehicle; ◦ the vehicle properly maintained and preserved during use; ◦ that the car is not used: a) under the influence of alcohol or drugs b) in illicit purposes (npr. criminal work, customs and currency offenses) c) driver training d) for the transportation of passengers or goods for a fee e) to tow other vehicles, trailers f) to participate in events auto-racing g) for the transportation of animals, flammable and explosive materials, materials with a strong and unpleasant odors and bulky materials can damage the vehicle; ◦ that the vehicle used for personal purposes only and do not rent or borrow a third party; ◦ that steers itself or a person authorized by him, provided that such person has at least 22 years of age, valid driver’s license and enroll in the “other driver” of this contract; ◦ that the car not to burden people or objects over the permitted capacity; ◦ the rented vehicle shall not exceed the border of Montenegro, without the permission of the lessor – Oasis Ltd. ◦ without the consent of the lessor will not make any change parts, assemblies or equipment on the vehicle. Second If the tenant violates any provision or condition of an item in the lease agreement, undertakes to compensate the lessor all and any damages that resulted from it would, and which will determine the extent of the lessor; reimburse the costs of regular maintenance of vehicles (excluding the cost of washing cars). 4th Tenant agrees that the lessor, at his first request, to pay: ◦ amount for daily rent for the rented vehicle and other costs that are incurred ◦ for the use of vehicles, per the price list; ◦ amounts of fines imposed against the tenant in respect of use of vehicles, caused by a fault of the tenant (violation of traffic rules); ◦ costs (court fees and attorney), due to judicial debt collection lessor; 5th In the case of the default costs incurred by this contract, the lessor shall institute legal proceedings against the tenant for the collection of receivables and accrued legal interest. 6th When using the rented vehicle, the lessee is in compliance with applicable regulations and policies of insurance, insured for liability for damage to third parties. 7th Tenant is responsible for the damages of the vehicle during its use, as well as for damages caused by any nekorišćenja (standing damaged vehicles for the duration of the repairs if the damage to vehicles has been the fault of the tenant). The amount of damages due non-use (standing) is determined the amount of lump sum price of daily rental vehicles in the applicable charge applies.8th Tenant is responsible for: a) the damage done; the vehicle which he or his authorized by the driver (another driver) made under the influence of alcohol or drugs b) if the damage was caused deliberately or due to gross negligence in driving (arrogance). c) if the driver at the time the damage had no valid driver’s license. 9th The renter is responsible tenant for loss or damage to personal baggage, which is located in, or on a rented vehicle. 10th Tenant agrees that in the event of an accident to protect the interests of the landlord and his insurance company by making it: ◦ noteworthy names and addresses of participants and witnesses of an accident; ◦ ensure the damaged vehicle; ◦ of damage, even when slight, immediately notify the lessor; ◦ call and wait for the arrival of the traffic police authorities. 11th If the lessee fails to take in the event of an accident Measures of the above, will be responsible for all consequences and damages that the owner may have about it. 12th minimum use of service is 24 hours. 13th Payment in advance is required to deposit prescribed charge applies,) vehicle is returned before the expiration of the lease signed the rental agreement does not return the money14th There are additional charges: ◦ a rental car with driver, ◦ delivery or pick up outside the Bay of Kotor, ◦ washing heavily soiled vehicles, internal Sychev (seat) driving the wet-Undeleted ◦ beach with all the damage the interior and exterior, outside the registered accidents, lost ◦ Key alarm. 15th Any changes to this agreement are valid only if both sides agree. 16th In case of dispute, the Court in Kotor.
(I declare that I have read and signed the first page of the contract and agree to the terms of the lease OASIS Ltd. from Kotor.)